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MM 100

MM 101

Conducting Marketing Research

Introduction to Marketing Research; Preparing a Marketing Research Proposal; Defining the Marketing Research Problem and Developing a Research Approach; Research Design; Type of Data and Data Collection Methods; Data Preparation and Analysis; Report Preparation and Presentation; Establishing a Marketing Intelligence.

09 – 13 March

5 days

10 - 14 Aug

MM 102

Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan

Role Of Strategic Marketing Planning; Defining/Reviewing your Business; Environmental Analysis; Marketing Plan Formulation; Marketing Plan Implementation And Control.

22 - 26 Jun

5 Days

07 - 11 Sept

MM 200

MM 201

Modern Sales Management

Role of Sales Management in Marketing Effectiveness; Sales Management Environment; Territory Development and Time Management; Sales Management Planning: Sales Budgeting; Organization of the Sales Force; Sales Force Leadership and Supervision.

09 - 13 Mar

5 Days

13 - 17 Jul

MM 202

Effective Selling Techniques

Buyer Behavior and the Buying Process; The New Model of Selling; The Language of Selling; Keys to Sales Strategy; Handling Objections; Ethics & Legal Issues in Selling; Increasing Your Sales Effectiveness; Project Work.

23 - 27 Mar

5 days

24 - 28 Aug

MM 203

Winning in a Competitive Environment

Understanding the Marketing Environment; Market Research and Competitor Analysis; Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning; Understanding The Dynamics Of Competition; Customer Development Strategies; Handling Customer Complaints Effectively.

13 - 17 Apr

5 Days

12 - 16 Oct

MM 300

MM 301

Brand and Corporate Image Management

Role of Corporate Image Management in Achieving Marketing Objectives; Managing Components of Corporate Image; Promoting the Right Image; Importance and Types of Branding; Positioning Approaches; Steps in Crisis Management; Media Selection and Advertising Design

20 - 24 Apr

5 Days

17 - 21 Aug

MM 302

Effective Marketing Communication

Understanding Strategic Marketing Communications; Integrated Marketing Communications; Managing Internal Marketing Communications; Communication Strategies to reach all Stakeholders; Media Selection – Delivering the Message; Developing a Marketing Communication Plan.

18 - 22 May

5 Days

24 - 28 Aug

MM 303

Business Communication Excellence

Business Communication Basics; Creating Effective Messages; Listening – The Silent Hero; Designing Messages: Business Reports and Proposals; Project Work.

03 - 07 Aug

5 Days

MM 304

Developing a Winning Business Plan

Enterprise Background Information; Business Description and Vision; The Business Environment; Enterprise Organization and Management; Products/Services; Operational Planning and Management; Marketing and Sales; Financial Analysis.

11-15 May

5 Days

23 - 27 Nov

MM 400

MM 401

Managing Customer Service

Strategies for Promoting a Service Culture/Orientation; Corporate Image and Identity; Understanding Customer Expectations and Perceptions; Building Customer Relationships; Dealing effectively with the Customer.

22 – 26 Jun

5 Days

26 - 30 Oct

MM 402

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management Concepts; Measuring customer lifetime value to the organization; Best practices for winning customer loyalty; Foundations for Customer Relationship Management strategies; Customer Relationship Management strategies.

06 - 10 Jul

5 Days

02 - 06 Nov

MM 403

Customer Delight – The New Strategy

Customer Service Philosophy; Competencies of customer care staff; Behavioural styles and customer service; Effective customer communication; Internal and External customer relationship; Dealing with diverse customer groups; Customer feedback strategy; Handling difficult customer encounters; Service recovery.

23 - 27 Mar

5 Days

26 - 30 Oct

MM 404

Marketing a Service – How To Do It Effectively

Goods vrs. Services Marketing; Customer Expectations and Perceptions of Service; Consumer Behaviour in Services; Service Development and Design; Employees’ Role in Service Delivery; Managing Demand; Service Marketing Communication.

23-27 Feb

5 Days

1 5 - 19 Jun

MM 500

MM 501

Successful Product Management

Roles of a Product Manager; The Product Management Structure; Analyzing the key product management attributes; managing new product or service development.

14 - 18 Sept

5 Days

MM 502

Carving a Niche for Your Products & Services

Marketing niche concept; Analyzing the market competition; Market segmentation, targeting and positioning; Formulating and implementing marketing niche strategies;

04 - 08 May

5 Days

31 Aug – 04 Sept

MM 600

MM 601

Hotel & Hospitality Management

Hotel Organisation; Hotel Types, Functions, Products and Services; House Keeping, Catering Services, and Customer Services; Reception. ICT/Online Booking Methods.

20 - 24 Apr

5 Days

23 - 27 Nov

MM 602

Front Desk Management

The role of front office in the organization; Effective guest communication; Effective interdepartmental communications; Stress management techniques; Skills for interpersonal relations; Handling difficult guests and the pressure of the Front Desk.

23 -27 Feb

5 Days

20 - 24 Jul

MM 700

MM 701

Starting Your Own Business

The business environment in Ghana; Developing entrepreneurial skills; Resource audit; Business idea generation and selection; Sources of funding and assistance; Forms of business organization; Human Resource; Managing your finances; Developing a simple business plan;

23-27 March

5 Days

03-07 Aug

MM 702

Developing Effective Negotiation and Communication Skills

The Art and Science of Negotiation; Types of negotiation; The Negotiation Process; Developing a Negotiation Strategy; Tools for Effective Negotiation; Effective Customer Communication; Managing and overcoming objections

07 - 11 Sept

5 Days

MM 703

Marketing for Procurement Officers

The Marketing Environment; The Marketing Plan; The Marketing Mix; Market Research; Research Methodology; Marketing Communications

14 - 18 Sept

5 Days

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