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Marketing Courses
No. Course Title Course Content Date Duration
1 Modern Sales Management Role of Sales Management in Marketing Effectiveness; Sales Management Environment; Territory Development and Time Management; Sales Management Planning: sales forecast, goal and target setting, action planning; Sales Budgeting; Organization of the Sales Force; Sales Personnel Planning and Recruiting; Sales Training and Development; Sales Leadership and Supervision; Sales Compensation. 11 Mar – 15 08 Jul – 12 5 days
2 Brand and Corporate Image Management Role of corporate image management in achieving marketing objectives; Managing components of corporate image; Promoting the right image; Test for effective logos; Importance and types of branding; Elements that enhance positioning approaches; Steps in crisis management; Media selection and Advertising design 15 Apr – 19 19 Aug – 23 5 days
3 Effective Selling Techniques Buyer behavior and the buying process; The new model of selling; Keys to relationship selling; The direct sales cycle; Preparing for effective selling – using the psychology of urgency, time, choice, stories, etc; The language of selling; Keys to sales strategy; Handling objections; Ethics and legal issues in selling; Increasing your sales effectiveness; Project work 22 Apr – 26 26 Aug – 30 5 days
4 Effective Marketing Communication Understanding strategic marketing communications; Types of promotional tools; Integrated marketing communications; Building relationships through marketing communications; Managing internal marketing communications; Communication strategies to reach consumers, intermediaries, and all stakeholders; Media selection – delivering the message; Consumer response to marketing communication; Developing a marketing communication plan 17 Jun – 2130 Sep – 04 Oct 5 days
5 Strategies for Growing SMEs Formulating a Business Strategy; Connecting Strategy and Capabilities; Financial Management; Human Resources Management; Productivity Improvement; Stock Control; Marketing and Sales; Customer Service; Records and Book-Keeping; Costing and Pricing; Developing Effective Leadership Skills. 13 May – 17 28 Oct – 01 Nov 5 days
6 Developing a Winning Business Plan Enterprise Background Information; Business Description and Vision; The Business Environment; Enterprise Organization and Management; Products/Services; Operational Planning and Management; Marketing and Sales; Financial Analysis and Management. 20 May – 24 25 Nov – 29 5 days

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